BEYOND PART S:Designing for the vulnerable – BY CORRESPONDENCE
Presenter: Joost Hogewoning
Course information (Content/Overview)

FORMAT: this CPD is presented in a correspondence format. The participant will receive the presentation and accompanying notes in a PDF format by email on the starting date. 

The course must be completed within 14 days. 

This will enable the participants to work at their own pace, and to move between slides and notes to and fro for better understanding. No need to be at a computer at any specific time, and will use less than 50Mb data. Questions may be submitted by e-mail. A short questionnaire has to be completed at the end to ascertain that the participant has worked through the material and has understood it. 

Aim of CPD:

The aim of this CPD event is to equip designers with guidelines for the practical and healthy design of institutional buildings like crèches, granny flats, housing for the aged, old age homes and service centres (including related facilities for the disabled.) Although this seems at first glance to be a specialized field, most designers are sometime or another faced with the conversion of a home into a child care centre, a new or small addition to a home for the aged, the conversion of a section of a home for the aged to care for Alzheimer patients, etc.

The need for safe retirement villages is on the rise and these villages need some special attention as well. A short session on service centres is included. Thus this seminar will apply to all categories of designers in a larger or lesser degree.

The only guideline available to the average designer is SANS 10400 (Part S and other applicable parts). This is however insufficient for practical design, and does not treat the requirements of other relevant government polities that apply to these buildings.

These will be explored in the CPD event, as well as other practical design criteria and best practices drawn from 40 years of experience in this field by the presenter.

Content: Child care centres (nursery to pre-school): areas required/ lay-out of facilities/ colour and lighting/ flooring/ fire protection.

Granny flats, retirement villages,

Homes for the aged & Alzheimer facilities: 

All facilities required by SANS 10400 and the polities / basic minimum dimensions of facilities (Polity requirements) / layout of all the prescribed / lighting / other facilities not covered in SANS or Polities / heating and cooling / other services and fire protection.

Service Centres for seniors: 

Layout as per community needs and polity requirements / basic facilities required / layout of facilities / best practices.

Join us if you want to know about shifting concepts of design sensitivity

This event will be hosted by Joost Hogewoning and is hosted by

the South African Institute of Building Design.

Venue : ONLINE VIA CORRESPONDENCETime: TO BE COMPLETED WITHIN 14DAYSDate:  3 November 2020Registration and payments to be made before the 28 October 2020.        

Closing date for submission of questionnaires: 17 November 2020

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Cost of workshopR960, non SAIBD membersR840, SAIBD members (fully paid up members only) Cancellation/refunds will only be accepted a week prior to the set date.  Should no cancellation be received within this period, no refunds will be made for non-attendance

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