A Word from the President, Selvan Reddy

SAIBD’s Activities to Covid19

& the Profession

The Government has eased their way out of lockdown, but the challenges are no means over.

Many practices or individuals may never recover to full activities or be able to sustain their staff complement in the built environment.

Selvan Reddy.

On the other hand, just as the professionals and staff were discovering the comfort and advantages of working from home, the time to return to a place arrived and brought with it challenges in flipping their traditional or conventional traits and adhere to compliance with the new Covid regulations, from virtual meetings to physical interactions with various individuals in the built environment.

As we move into the transitional phase of rebuilding society, more so the Architectural Profession, SAIBD will be standing firmly in assisting their membership in providing Affordable CPD events and engaging with various role players for the betterment of the industry.

In view of the unchartered and difficult territory we now find ourselves in, SAIBD has done its best to assist its members during these uncertain times, below are just a few mechanisms that SAIBD has implemented for the benefit of its membership:

 SAIBD lowered their annual registration fees by more than 30% and has a structured payment plan for those members experiencing financial challenges. Members can contact the office to arrange payment relief. Provided members have adhered to the arrangements, members will still be privileged to benefits on offer.

The CPD and Education committees have excelled themselves by providing affordable online events while maintaining our philosophy of providing beneficial and educational workshops. We ensure that the profession receives value for the monies outlaid. We are aligning our course content to the RPL, Special Consent and Limited Dispensation.

SAIBD hosted SACAP at the Construction Expo Webinar. On both days of the expo, free CPD points were on offer, provided the professional had registered for the event.

SAIBD has been in engagement with SACAP and other VA’s regarding the IDOW and Code of Conduct. With the IDOW, SAIBD has identified flaws that affect the lower categories of registration and the Missing Middle. SAIBD has made recommendations to SACAP so that these processes do not have direct impact on your livelihood. SACAP intends to gazette this soon. We reassure our members that we will challenge SACAP via collaboration to ensure that the IDOW is not disadvantageous.

SAIBD has commented on the Code of Conduct. We have Identified and provided adjustments that need to be addressed.

We will continue to monitor, comment and make recommendations when required for the benefit of the profession and our membership.

Be watchful to our mails, as you would see the value of becoming a member of SAIBD.