(including other VA’s) is authorised to validate Continuing Professional Development Courses and has accredited and successfully hosted a variety of High Quality courses for the Continuing Education of the Architectural Professionals.

SAIBD has and continues to challenge unfair legislation since 1973.

1.Challenge & assist the Municipalities on interpretation of legislation.

2.Task Team Representation to rewrite the National Building Regulations & Standards Act 103 of 1977.

3.Actively involved in helping implement the Spatial Land Use Management Act & associated Schemes & drive amendments.

4.Actively involved with SACAP, helping fulfil their mandate while ensuring the rights of the Professionals.

5.SABS Technical Committee Representation for the SANS 10400 suite of Standards.

6.Actively involved in commenting & challenging or promoting Legislation, Standards & By-Laws for the Built Environment.


  1. Get immediate notification of Public comment documents, standards & legislative changes that effect your Professionalism.
  2. Have access to High Quality CPD at discounted prices.
  3. üHave access to collectively address the problems you face while performing your duties.
  4. Student member have the access and opportunity to interact with Professionals, setting up your future growth in the industry.
  5. SAIBD members have the benefit of our assistance in your career advancement for your empowerment.
  6. Your SACAP registration is the tool used for your own empowerment & advancement.
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